Vancouver to Banff Road Trip: 6 Amazing Stops + 2 Itineraries

vancouver to banff road trip

Canada may be known for hockey and maple syrup (both of which I love), but it also has some of the best scenery in North America. You really can’t go wrong on any drive you do up there, but going on a Vancouver to Banff road trip is one of the most picturesque ones you […]

38 Helpful Items You Must Have on a Family Road Trip Checklist

family road trip checklist

Road trips are one of the best ways to explore new areas, and I actually prefer them now that I have kids. Unlike when you fly, you can pull over whenever you see something interesting or if you need a break (which can be often with little ones, am I right?). However, you’ll want to […]

13 Epic Stops on a Seattle to Glacier National Park Road Trip

seattle to glacier national park road trip

While there are many drives that I love going on from Seattle, a Seattle to Glacier National Park road trip is one of the most scenic ones. You’ll get to explore the stunning landscapes of Washington, Idaho, and Montana while stopping in a mix of big cities and smaller ones worth checking out. Many people […]

91 Fun Road Trip Trivia Questions to Impress Your Friends With

road trip trivia questions

I love going on long road trips, but when the initial excitement has worn off, and there’s not much to look at, I get a bit bored. When you’ve talked about your future travel plans and listened to all your playlists, it may be time to break out the road trip trivia questions. Whether you’re […]

9 Awe-Inspiring Stops on a Seattle to Crater Lake Road Trip

seattle to crater lake road trip

As a lover of road trips, I always look for new and exciting destinations to explore. Being based in Seattle, I am lucky to have access to some of the most beautiful scenery the Pacific Northwest offers. My goal is to explore Oregon more, and last year I decided that one of the best ways […]

101 Captivating Road Trip Captions for Instagram to Share Your Adventure

road trip captions for instagram

As an avid road tripper, I’ve taken countless photos and posted them on my Instagram account. But no matter how stunning the photo, it never feels complete without the perfect caption to go along with it. I’ve spent hours brainstorming road trip captions for Instagram, trying to come up with the perfect words to sum […]

15 Stunning Stops on a Seattle to San Francisco Road Trip

San Francisco

When you’re looking for an amazing adventure on the West Coast, you’ll want to go on a Seattle to San Francisco road trip! This drive takes you down the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, where you’ll explore the stunning coastline, towering redwoods, and small coastal towns. As one of my favorite drives on this side of […]

101 Quick Road Trip Snacks for Kids for Your Next Adventure

Road Trip Snacks for Kids

As a parent, I know how much road trip snacks can make or break a family vacation. I’ve experienced first-hand the wails of “I’m hunnngry” and “Are we there yet?” from my kids when we didn’t pack enough snacks. But over time, I’ve learned the importance of coming prepared with a variety of road trip […]

10 Amazing Stops on a Los Angeles to Joshua Tree Road Trip

los angeles to joshua tree road trip

Need to get out of LA? You’ll love planning a Los Angeles to Joshua Tree road trip. It’s the perfect way to relax for a weekend and enjoy nature a bit more than you might in the city. There are plenty of places to stop along the way, and you might be surprised at some […]