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9 Fun Stops on a Los Angeles to Phoenix Road Trip

Los Angeles to Phoenix road trip

Los Angeles is a fun city in itself, but it’s also the ideal base for many road trips. With its location on the far west coast, the possibilities for getting out of the city are endless. While I live in Seattle, LA has been my starting point for tons of drives in California, as it’s […]

10 Marvelous Stops on a Seattle to Yellowstone Road Trip

seattle to yellowstone road trip

Yellowstone is one of the most famous national parks in the country, and many people fly there and then rent a car, depending on where they live. However, a few years ago, I was invited to my friend’s wedding in South Dakota, and instead of flying there, my husband and I thought, “Why don’t we […]

8 Amazing Stops on a Seattle to Las Vegas Road Trip

seattle to las vegas road trip

With Vegas only being a 2.5-hour flight away from Seattle, most people tend to hop on a plane and get there quickly. I’ve been to Sin City over a dozen times at this point because it’s such a quick getaway and a complete change of scenery. That said, you know I love road trips, so […]

7 Beautiful Stops on a Seattle to San Diego Road Trip

seattle to san diego road trip

Are you looking for a longer drive from Seattle that has some of the best stops on the West Coast? You’ll love doing a Seattle to San Diego road trip – imagine cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, windows down, playing your favorite songs. This journey takes you through a mix of big cities, small […]

6 Scenic Stops on a Seattle to Los Angeles Road Trip

seattle to los angeles road trip

I love exploring Seattle, but it’s also a great jumping-off point for a number of road trips. While there are many short ones around the area, one of my favorites is doing a Seattle to Los Angeles road trip. It takes you all the way through Washington and Oregon and lets you see some of […]

6 Fun Stops on a San Francisco to Sequoia National Park Road Trip

San Francisco to Sequoia road trip

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll probably notice a theme – in addition to doing general road trips, I love going on road trips to explore new national parks. The only problem with these is most parks aren’t anywhere near major cities, so it takes a bit of a drive to get there. […]

8 Incredible Stops on a San Francisco to Joshua Tree Road Trip

san francisco to joshua tree road trip

One of my favorite places to go in California is Joshua Tree National Park, which is probably why I’ve been there multiple times. It’s such a relaxing break out of the city, and the park is so unlike any other park in the country with its unique Joshua trees. However, it’s a bit of a […]

7 Exciting Stops on a Los Angeles to Palm Springs Road Trip

Los Angeles to Palm Springs Road Trip

If you live in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve taken a weekend getaway to get out to Palm Springs at least a few times. It’s a beautiful oasis in the desert that gives you a quick break from city life. However, it’s also always congested, so why not turn it into a Los Angeles to […]

7 Fun Stops on a Los Angeles to Sequoia National Park Road Trip

Los Angeles to Sequoia National Park Road Trip

The vibrant cultural scene, world-renowned landmarks, and delicious cuisine in Los Angeles make it a popular destination for tourists. From the beautiful Santa Monica beaches to the exciting streets of Hollywood, there is an endless amount of things to do. In spite of this, you might be itching to get out of city life and […]

Seattle to Banff Road Trip: 11 Best Stops + 2 Itineraries

Seattle to Banff Road Trip

If you’re thinking about doing a Seattle to Banff road trip, I’m here to tell you it’s completely worth the long drive. Banff is hands-down one of the most jaw-dropping spots in Canada – imagine yourself in a landscape filled with enormous mountains, surreal lakes, and other spectacular natural features. While I’ve been to many […]