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9 Fun Stops on a Los Angeles to Phoenix Road Trip

Los Angeles to Phoenix road trip

Los Angeles is a fun city in itself, but it’s also the ideal base for many road trips. With its location on the far west coast, the possibilities for getting out of the city are endless. While I live in Seattle, LA has been my starting point for tons of drives in California, as it’s […]

9 Incredible California to Arizona Road Trip Stops (+ 3 Itineraries)

california to arizona road trip

Road trips are my favorite way to travel and discover new areas, and I’ve taken many road trips in California and Arizona. Whether I’m driving down the Pacific Coast Highway or going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, I always have a blast stopping off at small towns or random attractions around the […]

12 Amazing Stops on a Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Road Trip

los angeles to grand canyon road trip

Are you looking for a way to get away from the city and head out into nature? A Los Angeles to Grand Canyon road trip is just what you need. While many people tend to fly to this destination, you’re missing out on so much if you skip the drive. Plus, this way you can […]